30 random, interesting, and odd facts about me.

Posted: December 10, 2010 in Adam's blog - MY WRITINGS

I should be on the Dos Equis commercials as the most interesting man…

1.I’ve lived in 8 major cities and 2 countries

2.I had spinal meningitis in 4th grade.

3.I was in a national commercial for Guitar Center as a lead.

4.I’ve had experiences with dead people.

5.The record label team behind 50 Cent and Eminem spoke to me online about a record deal and a cartoon involving me.

6.I’m obsessed with conspiracies and the occult.

7.A song of mine is used in a porno via a legit contract.

8.I have been in two movies. One, I had a scene with Juliette Lewis and Orlando Bloom.

9.Blue eyes are my favorite.

10.I’m in at least 1 secret society.

11.I worked at Wendy’s for 3 days in high school.

12.I met my birth mother when I was 20 years old.

13.My grandmother was an Irish model for companies like Guinness and Chanel no.5

15.I have a poetry/art book on amazon.com

16.I’m a certified director of films according to The New York Film Academy.

17.I’ve never had more than 6,000 dollars in my checking account.

18.I was a professional makeup artist for 3 years.

19.I was homeless at one time in Boston.

20.I started college at age 30.(you can see why)


22.I have a blue belt in Kempo.

23.I had laser surgery on my beard once but changed my mind.

24.I constantly am reading 3 books at a time.

25.I have over 107,000 fans on myspace.

26.I hate math with all of my heart.

27.I never learned to type properly so I have to look at the keyboard.

28.I sing(badly)at least once a day.

29.I hate organized religion. Not to be confused with a sense of spirituality or values.

30.I believe I am descended from a race of vampire/aliens…spawning from the Picts….

  1. kaleb says:

    Omg you are ridiculous.

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