A preview of my quotes book.

Posted: December 10, 2010 in Adam's blog - MY WRITINGS

“If you are unhappy, you might have to be brave enough to realize your belief system and model of the world is what is creating your outcomes. To change your state of mind is almost like killing yourself and being reborn in a more fulfilling existence. Stop projecting faults and blame and take accountability. Victimization is only a stronger set of shackles.”

“Free me from the bonds of the hive.”

“You are a princess amongst insane lesser brained animals. The sl(d)aughter of the alien. Come home, and be worshiped.”

“In a world full of moronic ignorant fools, you teach me things. In a world full of vacant, talentless, painfully ordinary, people, you inspire me. In a world of curling, crimping, straightening, dying, painting, brushing, buying, buying, buying, you wake up beautiful. In a world full of hate including my own, I love you.”

“When did girls start equating a penis in their vagina as attention? We know where the motivation comes from. I just don’t get the solution.”

“I’m waiting for my spaceship to come back for me.”

“I need guy friends…who don’t want to sleep with me…”

“Don’t adhere to ‘it’s who I am.’ Raise your standards.”

“Short hair is growing on me”

“Out of dark murky condensed energy field of synaptic responses, a beautiful white light snaps like a whip through the cloud. I am inspired.”

“If you’re a fetish photographer who shoots artistic nudes when really you just want to fulfill your own fantasy, I found a new subject for you to shoot; yourself.”

“I live in your heart. Your vagina is my summer home”

“Even in the dreary subway with doomed faces ubiquitous, the human race seems beautiful.”

“Before we awaken, which some of us never do, we live our lives on impulse like flies trying to escape the screened off window when the open door is right behind them.”

“People will rarely deny that mankind is capable of corruption, inhumanity, and baser primal tendencies, yet they give government and religious leaders a cloak of immunity. The very people that enslave them get badges of honesty.”

“It works out that I’m a vampire because everyone around me is shady.”

“My sweet side is like a weather drain. While you wrap your spider web around it ready to exploit and devour, I’m standing on the roof with a water can because you’re the not the first spider I’ve watched spin a web just to kill.”

“You’ve been placed firmly in the “friend zone”. This is happening A LOT lately….”

“There’s a fine line between sweetheart and sucker.”

“I have yet to meet a guy who has worse taste in women than me.”

“There’s a fine line between being a confident guy and a dumbass consistently wasting his time.”

“I’m not a big enough asshole to keep you interested.”

-Adam Absinthe


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