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I should be on the Dos Equis commercials as the most interesting man…

1.I’ve lived in 8 major cities and 2 countries

2.I had spinal meningitis in 4th grade.

3.I was in a national commercial for Guitar Center as a lead.

4.I’ve had experiences with dead people.

5.The record label team behind 50 Cent and Eminem spoke to me online about a record deal and a cartoon involving me.

6.I’m obsessed with conspiracies and the occult.

7.A song of mine is used in a porno via a legit contract.

8.I have been in two movies. One, I had a scene with Juliette Lewis and Orlando Bloom.

9.Blue eyes are my favorite.

10.I’m in at least 1 secret society.

11.I worked at Wendy’s for 3 days in high school.

12.I met my birth mother when I was 20 years old.

13.My grandmother was an Irish model for companies like Guinness and Chanel no.5

15.I have a poetry/art book on

16.I’m a certified director of films according to The New York Film Academy.

17.I’ve never had more than 6,000 dollars in my checking account.

18.I was a professional makeup artist for 3 years.

19.I was homeless at one time in Boston.

20.I started college at age 30.(you can see why)


22.I have a blue belt in Kempo.

23.I had laser surgery on my beard once but changed my mind.

24.I constantly am reading 3 books at a time.

25.I have over 107,000 fans on myspace.

26.I hate math with all of my heart.

27.I never learned to type properly so I have to look at the keyboard.

28.I sing(badly)at least once a day.

29.I hate organized religion. Not to be confused with a sense of spirituality or values.

30.I believe I am descended from a race of vampire/aliens…spawning from the Picts….


“If you are unhappy, you might have to be brave enough to realize your belief system and model of the world is what is creating your outcomes. To change your state of mind is almost like killing yourself and being reborn in a more fulfilling existence. Stop projecting faults and blame and take accountability. Victimization is only a stronger set of shackles.”

“Free me from the bonds of the hive.”

“You are a princess amongst insane lesser brained animals. The sl(d)aughter of the alien. Come home, and be worshiped.”

“In a world full of moronic ignorant fools, you teach me things. In a world full of vacant, talentless, painfully ordinary, people, you inspire me. In a world of curling, crimping, straightening, dying, painting, brushing, buying, buying, buying, you wake up beautiful. In a world full of hate including my own, I love you.”

“When did girls start equating a penis in their vagina as attention? We know where the motivation comes from. I just don’t get the solution.”

“I’m waiting for my spaceship to come back for me.”

“I need guy friends…who don’t want to sleep with me…”

“Don’t adhere to ‘it’s who I am.’ Raise your standards.”

“Short hair is growing on me”

“Out of dark murky condensed energy field of synaptic responses, a beautiful white light snaps like a whip through the cloud. I am inspired.”

“If you’re a fetish photographer who shoots artistic nudes when really you just want to fulfill your own fantasy, I found a new subject for you to shoot; yourself.”

“I live in your heart. Your vagina is my summer home”

“Even in the dreary subway with doomed faces ubiquitous, the human race seems beautiful.”

“Before we awaken, which some of us never do, we live our lives on impulse like flies trying to escape the screened off window when the open door is right behind them.”

“People will rarely deny that mankind is capable of corruption, inhumanity, and baser primal tendencies, yet they give government and religious leaders a cloak of immunity. The very people that enslave them get badges of honesty.”

“It works out that I’m a vampire because everyone around me is shady.”

“My sweet side is like a weather drain. While you wrap your spider web around it ready to exploit and devour, I’m standing on the roof with a water can because you’re the not the first spider I’ve watched spin a web just to kill.”

“You’ve been placed firmly in the “friend zone”. This is happening A LOT lately….”

“There’s a fine line between sweetheart and sucker.”

“I have yet to meet a guy who has worse taste in women than me.”

“There’s a fine line between being a confident guy and a dumbass consistently wasting his time.”

“I’m not a big enough asshole to keep you interested.”

-Adam Absinthe


Posted: December 10, 2010 in Adam's blog - MY WRITINGS

Between the mind and the hand lies the MEDIAtor


I figure it’ll be a collectors item someday especially after our country goes commie.

My friends, our country is in trouble. In the last three weeks I have seen a remarkable amount of police state type of changes occurring that are evocative of a George Orwell novel. The very foundations of our forefather’s vision for a Republic seem to be disappearing at an alarming rate all in the name of safety. The more safety measures are implemented, the less safe I feel. The reason for this is because I see people who are not breaking laws getting punished and people who are acting above the law are being ignored.

In these past three weeks I have heard quite a bit through the mainstream and alternative press websites and radio shows. The big one right now is Wikileaks. This is a good example of an arrest as well as technological warfare when no law has been broken. In New York Times v. United States (1971) The Times published “Pentagon Papers” (secret government documents revealing that officials had deceived the public about aspects of Vietnam War). The documents had been obtained illegally by anti war activists. The Supreme Court said any attempt by the government to prevent expression carries a heavy presumption against constitutionality. Why then is this happening today? It almost feels like a psychological attack on the country with the lesson of stepping out of line leads to consequences. Walling off the power of technology in the general public mortifies me. It smells like Tyranny. When mainstream news leaked pictures of war prisoners being tortured the government didn’t arrest people for it. As long as it’s not libel, slander or child pornography then the press has the freedom to alert the public of these stories. The Government then goes and puts pressure on the companies like Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and Amazon who all turned their backs on Wikileaks making it very difficult to have the site hosted and receive money. That type of shadow bullying doesn’t sit well with a truth seeker. Why did Julian Assange get arrested? What law has he broken besides the bogus sexual assault story that just happened to come up at the same time? Why hasn’t Dick Cheney been arrested yet for his Halliburton crimes in Nigeria? This whole Wikileaks incident is a Facebook note in itself but I’d like to continue with my list as part of a larger issue.

How about the real criminal activity that is going by unnoticed, far more damaging, allowed, and glossed over by the press? I’m talking about the Federal Reserve secretly tossing around our money and when they were finally forced to tell congress where it went we find out that 12.3 TRILLION dollars was printed out of thin air and given to corporations like McDonald’s and offshore banks. The value of our dollar is dropping on a global scale and we the people will not see any benefit of it rather, quite the opposite. Why in the middle of an economic crisis where people are losing their homes and unemployment is rising would all that money be made and given to banks outside the country and corporations who are not losing money and not hiring? Why does the very group who cause this mess go unpunished and get more money? Why is there no transparency for congress? Maybe they should stop treating American citizens like you and I as criminals and go after the real criminals. This brings us to the next point.

You and I are groped by the TSA because we are all potential criminals. This clearly violates the fourth amendment. Authorities cannot issue a search and seizure nor can they act without probable cause. In violating the fourth amendment they are acting like the criminal by rising above the law. Our children are being raised to think it’s ok for a stranger to grab at them and to obey minimum wage thug authorities in a police state. Our forefathers are rolling over in their graves. Homeland security is now working on implementing the technology to x-ray our cars through surveillance vans. They’ve already made a deal with Walmart to install monitors at all the registers telling us to spy on each other further inducing staged paranoia. The video can be viewed here: . Sometimes people joke with me and act like I’m a paranoid conspiracy theorist. What I’m talking about aren’t theories. This is all documented and in mainstream news. The paranoia insinuation is ironic because I’m not falling for staged terror black flag ops like the FBI setting up a fake terrorist teenager in Portland. This is entrapment, which is also illegal. Who’s watching the watchmen? Nobody because they are too busy watching you and I and Julian Assange. Our country is being forced into an idea of us needing Big Brother keeping us safe and those of us who aren’t so easily hypnotized aren’t falling for it. The government pumps false paranoia into us as we’ve seen time and time again throughout history. It was Hitlers blueprint. It’s even easier now with the media and the fact that we walk around with tunnel vision focused on our boyfriend/girlfriend troubles, designer clothes, celebrity fascination, and lack of education.

We need to accept the fact that corruption is a part of human nature. We tend to think that Government and Church have our best interest when time after time throughout history this has been disproven. As a friend I strongly advise you to take a second look at the “safety” propaganda. Things that make us safe usually hurt us and someone else makes a lot of money off of our ignorance. Lets take a look at the most common.

Formula: problem to be safe from – solution to it – money to be made

-A mass-produced vaccine to protect us from a flu outbreak. A vaccine loaded with poisons like Squalene, and Mercury.

-Drinking water loaded with fluorine and other deadly metals like Lead to “protect our teeth” when Fluoride is actually a neurotoxin.

-Sugar free soft drinks are better for our health when Aspartame has a long list of documented awful effects.

-GMO’s by Monsanto who invented Agent Orange and Roundup are poisoning us on almost every single farm grown food at the grocery store. And now a bill is being passed making it illegal to grow your own food to avoid this. What is it called? The Food Safety Act…

-CIA created terrorists are out to get us. Give up your individual rights and ignore everything our terrorist founding fathers did for this country so we can keep you safe via tyrannical enslavement. These machines will make millions and keep you safer by pumping radiation into you.

My friends giving up our liberties for protection is dangerous. Connect dots and see a bigger picture. U.S.A. is changing into something that defies what it was designed for. Wake up and help others do the same.